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No-kissing is absurd. If you can’t kiss me, then we don’t have any business doing anything else. I can’t enjoy sex without kissing. Any chick who takes that ‘kissing is too intimate’ approach is probably a wack-ass lover anyway. I am glad I’ve never landed one of those chicks in bed.

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G spot


rocks the g spot.
move your body around like a nympho



Next, ask her a series of utterly meaningless questions: “What are your hopes and dreams?” “Have you ever been in love?” “What’s the worst tragedy that’s ever befallen you?” Etc., etc. As you are “listening,” slowly wrap your arm around her waist, and slide your hand down to the small of her back. Continue talking until you decide the moment is right for an “over-the-pant finger twaddle.” This is accomplished by lightly caressing her anus in a “sympathetic manner.” How do you caress somebody’s anus sympathetically? Brother, if I have to tell you that, you need more help than I can offer.
People shouldn’t take sex so fucking seriously. If there are people out there that are secure in their sexuality, then let them be that way. Don’t make them feel wrong. Don’t make them feel dirty. And try not to look so shocked when people discuss sex around you.
fuck me

fuck me

Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good
Woody Allen